ZX ExpBoard

ZX ExpBoard is a ZX Spectrum bus expansion board containing two (for the ExpBoard 2) or three
(for the ExpBoard 3) slots for cards equipped with pin header (square pins). Moreover, the ZX
ExpBoard is pass-thru, so it is possible to attach an interface with a classic edge connector .

ZX ExpBoard is aimed at developers, both Hardware and Software, but it is useful for anybody who
wants to connect many interfaces to their Speccy at the same time.

Pin header usage has its benefits in low price and good electrical contact between the card and the bus
expansion board. The same card can be equipped either with pin header (prototype) or edge connector
(final version) without changing the PCB layout.

There are one or two (depending on the version) positions for soldering additional capacitors to +5V
power as well.

Fig. 1 - ZX_ExpBoard

ZX_ExpBoard - cards
Fig. 2 - experimental cards for ZX_ExpBoard


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