FADI is an initiative for those who create new pieces of hardware containing legacy devices with well-known addresses. It says that even such devices should be fully addressed - that means all the 8 or 16 addressing bits and /M1 signal should be decoded.

For example, a new Kempston-compatible joystick interface (using eight bit addressed port 31) should detect A0 to A7, /M1, /IORQ, and /RD signals.

Another example - a new AY sound interface (using 16-bit addressed ports) should detect A0 to A15, /IORQ, /M1, /WR and (optionally - depending on usage) /RD signals.

Anyone who creates interface with all devices fully addressed, can put a label "FADI compliant" on it - no registrations nor registration fees etc.

Here is an example of the label. Its size is about 10mm by 7mm:

Logo "FADI compliant" - potisk na plošném spoji

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